General or Specific Niches

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Just like there are many different types of crimes, there are even more criminal defense attorneys that protect the rights of their client.  These attorneys work on various levels of crime, and are either hired by the defendant or are assigned to them. Depending on the severity of the crime, a more general or specialist attorney is called in.

A general criminal lawyer fairfax va knows a little bit about everything, and will often build a case around the circumstances and facts. These include working with clients, witnesses, arresting officers, and analyzing evidence. While Niche criminal attorneys will do the same thing, they will also be able to draw upon their own intimate knowledge of the system they work in to provide even more benefit for their clients.

Different niches that can be specialized in include, DUI and DWI cases, minor and major felonies, grand theft, and business-related fraud.

For some lawyers, investing in a more general approach to crime allows the days to be kept interesting, despite the larger amount of time that is put into knowing each and every process of the law.  Despite this hard work, many potential clients will often gravitate towards the specialists due to their more focused knowledge. This can be good or bad, because if you are the type of person who wants to stay busy, then a more niche focused law career could get you more clients.

However, if you want a more controlled schedule, then a general law focus will still get you clients and require you to keep your skills sharp. You’ll just have more time to spend on yourself, or studying other aspects of legal law. Whichever lawyer path you choose depends on a number of factors, but no matter what area you practice in, you’ll get to help people in need.