What is a Bail Bondsman?

People get out on bail all the time on drama shows, but what does that actually mean? Well, as it suggests, it’s a payment that someone makes to avoid spending time in jail (almost like they are getting bailed out!) Bail bondsman are the people who provide bail to the defendants after money has been secured for their release.

But not just anyone can get Wayne County bail bonds. Depending on the crime, the defendant’s history, and other factors, the request for bail can be denied. This usually happens if the defendant is a flight risk, or is liable to flee the state or country before his court date. If he is not deemed a risk, the bail is allowed and the money can be paid to get the defendant out.

Wayne County bail bonds.

If the defendant refuses to come to court, the bail bondsman isn’t held responsible, but instead is forced to forfeit some of the bail money. Then, the defendant is often tracked down by a federal agent or a bounty hunter and then brought in. Due to the low risk associated with general bonds, most bondsmen will offer them when they can.

However, federal bonds are issued on the federal level and come with some more restrictions. In order to negate the risk to bondsmen, the defendant must show up in court, as well as abide by restrictions set by the judge. These can include travel restrictions, business restrictions, and being told not to have any contact with a certain group of people.

Because of all these increased rules, many bondsmen do not issue federal bonds because it’s often too risky to them, and too easy for their client to break the court date or one of the restrictionsÂ… even on accident. But if a client doesn’t have a history, issuing federal bonds can happen.